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My next book JUST ONE WISH (about three generations of women and their relationships) will hit stores late October 2019 and I’m super excited to share it with you. If you’re a librarian or bookseller interested in doing an event for the JUST ONE WISH tour, please email to register your interest. Or if you’re a reader wanting an event in your area, do let your librarians or bookshops know! 

Currently I’m in the first draft stage of writing SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT, which is a linked book to my last rural romance TALK OF THE TOWN. I’m having fun exploring Tabitha’s feelings about the grumpy teacher that turns up in town. 

What’s next? This year I’m doing a bit of travel and one of these trips is to New Orleans to research for THE ART OF MOVING ON, a sequel to THE ART OF KEEPING SECRETS, which I’m chomping at the bit to write!

As usual there’s also a couple of other ideas in my head squabbling for attention, so I think it’s going to be a busy year but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Keep smiling and reading,

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  1. sharon richardson

    hi Rachael , I was just telling some ladies about your books and was saying to read Lost Without You as is had some twists in it that I never saw coming , so when I got home I looked up your website and there was such great news 2 new books coming out awesome I will have to buy Talk of the town so I can read that again before the sequel comes out cant wait , im so excited your doing a sequel to The Art of Keeping Secrets I already have that here so will be able to read it again and then the new one The Art of Moving On oh wow you have just made my day keep up the great work love all your books …….cant wait to read Just One Wish Good Luck .

    • admin

      Hi Sharon – sorry I missed your comment earlier. Thanks so much for telling your friends about LOST WITHOUT YOU. Not long now till JUST ONE WISH comes out – can’t wait to hear what you think of that one. xx Rach!

  2. Susan Smith

    Hi Rachael! Just finished “Just one Wish”..I loved it, couldn’t put it down. Such beautiful characters and relationships between the women. I found an error on page 383, where Sappho says she lives in Port Adelaide, instead of Port Melbourne. Maybe you were watching the AFL at the time! Looking forward to your next book

    • admin

      Hi Susan – so glad you enjoyed it! Yes, sadly that’s an error that has slipped through, but we’ve fixed it for the digital version and any future reprints. x

  3. HEATHER Watt

    Hi Rachael my name is Heather Watt aand I was just wondering how I could get hold of your two books outback DREAMS and outback BLAZE, I have just finished outback GHOST and loved it,thanks Heather.

  4. Robert Burdon

    Hello Rachael, my name is Robert Burdon, 76yoa in June, devout reader of “action” “guns n guts” “war” books.
    That’s according to my wife,Jan.
    I just finished “Just One Wish”
    Thank you, I am just settling down now to “Talk Of The Town”.
    It will be another pleasure again I’m sure.
    Once again, thank you.

    • admin

      WOW – Roberts – your message has MADE my day!! So glad you enjoyed WISH and I hope you enjoy TALK just as much 🙂 Rach!

  5. Gail Walker

    Hi Rachael,have just got into reading, am 75 and loving your books. But think I’m reading them back to front. Have read your Out back books but still have to get Outback Sisters.
    Just read Talk of the Town which was such a beautiful story. Today I bought Something to Talk About. Any books before and after please
    Thank you. Gail from Bunbury. W.A.

    • admin

      Hi Gail – thanks so much for your lovely message! So glad you’re enjoying my books. Outback Sisters is the fourth (and so far final) book in my Bunyip Bay series, so if you’ve read the others already you’re all good 😉 So far Talk of the Town and Something to Talk About are the only ones in that series. I also have JILTED linked to THE ROAD TO HOPE and MAN DROUGHT is a standalone. I take it you like the country romances, but you also might like to try THE PATTERSON GIRLS. Happy reading and since you’re in WA, maybe I’ll meet you some day 🙂 xx Rach!

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