New Series Coming late 2016 from Rachael Johns

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I’m so excited to share my latest book news with you 🙂

Those of you who know me well or have heard me speak before, will know that for a number of years I was trying to write for Harlequin Mills & Boon. Although I got very close, including coming runner up in their FEEL THE HEAT contest in 2008, I never quite hit the mark. I started writing rural romance (which I LOVE) instead and then, in a strange turn of events in the last few months, I had the opportunity to write a proposal for Harlequin Special Edition (which is a category line out of the New York office). I jumped at the chance and as a result, my dream of writing for M&B has come true. 

I’ve just accepted a three book deal from Ann Leslie Tuttle for Harlequin Special Edition ( and I can’t wait to get started.

I’ll be writing a series called The McKinnell’s or McKinnell’s Distillery (still to be confirmed) and is about a LARGE family who owns and runs a whiskey distillery in a small town in Oregon, US. The first book, which will likely be out late 2016 is (for those of you who can’t read the tiny font on the image above) Callum McKinnel and Chelsea Porter’s story. Callum has just taken over as CEO of the family business after his dad died from a heart attack and he meets Chelsea when she comes to break up with him on behalf of his long-term finance. Lots of fun ensues and I’m very excited to start this series.

In many ways Special Edition stories are a lot like the books I currently write – they are heartwarming, compelling, contemporary romances with happy endings and I think all who love my other books, should also enjoy these.

But never fear… I’ll still be writing my Life Lit and Rural Romance books for Harlequin Australia!!

After all, who needs sleep?! x

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