LOST WITHOUT YOU finally in stores down under!

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It’s been a bit longer than usual between drinks (ahem, I mean books) as I’ve had a hectic couple of years moving house twice, not to mention some other things. Anyway, I’m glad to say that my latest book is out in Australia and New Zealand now and I cannot wait to hear what you guys think of it.

The first seed of this story came when I was listening to a podcast (Mamamia Out Loud) and one of the hosts talked about selling her wedding dress to one of their listeners. Another host then said that they could keep passing the dress around among their listeners and it could be like The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (book), only a wedding dress instead. I LOVED that idea and it set my writer’s brain ticking.

What evolved was not really anything like what I first imagined – although I did keep a fun 80s theme – but I hope you’ll enjoy this story of family secrets, love and regrets. Happy reading. xx

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  1. Patricia Allan

    Hi Rach, I have just finished The Greatest Gift. I am sight impaired and so get my books from Vision Australia in CD mode. I am 80 years old and lost my husband two years ago after 60 years of a wonderful masrriage. I just loved The Greatest Gift but Rach… why did you have to swear. It was so jarring and no need for it. I hope that you you will take my comments on board. You are a very talented writer.

    • admin

      Hi Patricia – so glad you enjoyed GIFT and I’m sorry to hear about your husband. I am quite choosy about swearing in my books because I’m not a huge fan in real life but my characters are real and the fact is sometimes people swear. I try to only use a curse word in my books if I think the situation really calls for it. Thanks again for reading. x Rach!

  2. Jenny

    I found your books in the shop whilst my hubby was in hospital this week. I am in love with your books and can’t wait to have read them all. I cannot put them down. I have read Jilted (couldn’t put it down) and Outback Blaze. Loved them both! Plan to read all of your books – particularly love that you are an Aussie and write about our beautiful land.

    • admin

      Hi Jenny – hope your hubby is out of hospital and on the mend. Thank you for your lovely message. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my books and I really love writing about Aussies and Australia. xx Rach!

  3. Solly Hawke

    Hi, Rachel, my daughter and I are ‘late bloomers’ as far as your books are concerned but now that we’ve discovered you, we are making up for lost time! We loved the Hope and Bunyip series and the Mckinnels of Jewel Rock. I’m having trouble locating book one and two of that series though but I’ll keep trying. Thanks for making WA a base for some of your writing as it’s great to be able to relate to the areas you describe. Also love how you focus on certain real life issues. Thank you so much.

    • admin

      Hi Solly – so lovely to ‘meet’ you and your daughter. So glad you’re enjoying my books.Sadly booked one and two of the McKinnels are now out of print and only available digitally. Although the first will be reprinted in an anthology called A MATTER OF TRUST early next year. Your lovely message has made my day. Say hi to your daughter for me. And happy reading. x

  4. Glenys Fadelli

    Hi Rahael,
    I usually go to the library to get books (large print) but with the lockdown, they are closed. So found “Lost without you” at Target and I can’t put it down, I love it and will be buying more of your books to keep me going. Congratulations on your career.

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