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I’m stoked today to have the gorgeous Loretta Hill, a fellow West Aussie, on my blog. I read Loretta’s latest book THE MAXWELL SISTERS in the summer holidays and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a gorgeous fun story about three sisters who return home for a family wedding and a LOT of drama ensues.

Anyway, Loretta has written me a letter about this book, so without further ado, over to Loretta. And if you comment on this blog, she’ll enter you in the draw to win your very own signed copy of THE MAXWELL SISTERS


Hi Rachael,

Did you have a nice Happy Valentines Day? I hope you celebrated in true romance writer style by drinking lots of champagne, eating copious quantities of chocolate and thinking very inappropriate thoughts that you shortly wrote down for use in your upcoming manuscript. Ha ha!

(Hah – I wish Loretta. Instead I braved the crowds in Perth to take my kids to see THE GIANTS. It was well worth it though)

I’ve had a very hectic month with unfortunately not a lot of time for daydreaming or writing for that matter. My new book, “The Maxwell Sisters” just hit shelves last month and I’ve been very busy chatting to readers and bloggers about it. I’m really excited about this one. It’s such a different book to my first three and I’m hoping it will be just as well received.


In fact, today, as you read this, I’m on a plane to NSW to commence my three week book tour. Very excited! I just love talking to readers and writers about all things books and writing. On this trip, I get to do it 24/7 for three weeks. How good is that? I’m all set for stop offs in Queensland, South Australia and Victoria as well. So I hope my readers will check out the events page on my website (www.lorettahill.com.au) to see if I’ll be passing through their local library or bookstore. Would love to meet as many people as I can.

“The Maxwell Sisters” is a story very dear to my heart. It’s all about family and the secrets we keep to protect the ones we love. I have three sisters myself, so I know all about that dynamic of love, rivalry and loyalty that threads through that very close bond.

Natasha, Eve and Phoebe are estranged sisters, torn apart by their past who are currently living very separate lives in different cities. But when Phoebe decides to get married at their childhood home, Tawny Brooks Winery, they must all return to face the music…. which just happens to be wedding bells. They’ve all got a secret, are so terribly vulnerable and don’t know how much they need each other right now. There is plenty of romance in this book with a wonderfully cheeky winemaker, a frustrated but hopeful groom and a brooding ex-husband hoping for a second chance. But at it’s core, this book is about the relationship between the three girls. Family shapes us into who we are and it is only by nurturing these important relationships in our lives that we are able to grow.

In addition to my book tour, I’ve been doing a blog tour. And as you know, you are my last stop before I return home to my own blog. I’ve been visiting with all my favourite authors, Jennifer Scoullar (http://jenniferscoullar.com), Helene Young (http://www.heleneyoung.com), Fiona Palmer (http://www.fionapalmer.com) and Jenn J McLeod (http://www.jennjmcleod.com) and talking about the six main characters in my novel. So far, I’ve spoken about Natasha, Eve, Phoebe, Adam and Spider. There’s only one person left…. Heath – Natasha’s dark and broody, estranged husband. Natasha is not ready to deal with the breakdown of her marriage. So she decides to keep her impending divorce a secret and turns up to her sister’s wedding alone saying her husband can’t get away from work. She never thought that Heath would find out about Phoebe’s wedding, turn up anyway and force her to pretend they are happily married. I loved writing Heath. He’s such an alpha hero. Arrogant, dominant and just can’t talk about his feelings. However, on the inside, he’s mush. In this novel, he really has to learn how to let that mush out… otherwise he’s going to lose his wife forever. It was really nice to play with his inner struggle and explore the ever evolving growth of a marriage. Being in committed relationship isn’t as simple as saying, “I do,” and Heath and Natasha certainly learn a lot about themselves and their capacity to love in this reunion story.

Anyway, I spoiled myself for Christmas with a copy of “Outback Ghost” which I have saved for the plane ride to Sydney and am probably reading right now! So I’ll let you know what I think. Though, I’m sure it’s a no brainer. I’ll love it like the rest of your books.

(Aw thanks heaps Loretta, I hope you love reading about Adam, Stella and Heidi as much as I enjoyed writing them!)

So happy writing and thanks for having me on your blog today. If you’d like to read my wrap up blog for this blog tour, please catch me next week on my own blog…. I’ll also let you know how the first part of my tour went!

Best wishes,

Loretta Hill

PS. Don’t forget to comment on this blog for your chance to win!!

39 Responses

  1. Ann-Marie Day

    Sounds like a wonderful read and I think I know a ‘Heath’ or two. 😉

  2. Kylie

    Ooh, how appropriate, I just spent the weekend rereading Loretta’s FIFO series.

    The Maxwell Sisters sounds like a great read, will have to chance up a copy 🙂

  3. Amanda Corley

    Love all of Rachaels and Lorettas books and have read them all except the Maxwell Sisters. I can’t wait to get stuck in

  4. Meygan Barstow

    I have read all of your other books and I would love to read this one it sounds so interesting to read.

  5. Jenny Wallis

    This sounds like my kind of book, looking forward to getting a copy and settling in for an afternoon of the book, a cuppa and some nibbles.

  6. Shelagh Merlin

    The Maxwell Sisters sounds intriguing. I’m looking forward to reading the book.

  7. Janeen Baxter

    Would love a copy to read as I am in for a shoulder reconstruction on Thursday and will be at home (bored) for approx. 8 weeks or so. Need all the entertaining I can get…..

  8. Anne

    Hi Loretta, you are going to LOVE Outback Ghost. My best read ever!! I can’t wait to get your book and take with me to Bali. Keep up the good work, I love our Aussie romance writers. Stories close to home warm my heart. Thanks ladies. xx

  9. Anna

    My two favourite AusRom authors on the same blog! Love it! I heard you are heading to my home town in Victoria Loretta- very jealous of my family who get to see you, as I’m up in Darwin town! Best of luck with the book tour – I’m looking forward to reading the Maxwell sisters!!

  10. Kellie Pointon

    Oooooh, I’m looking forward to this one – I like the idea that it is much more than just a romance and the focus is on the family relationships!

  11. Aileen O'Neill

    I would love to read The Maxwell Sisters, it sounds great. Reading is a great escape for me, to relax and get my head stuck in a book, especially from Australian authors, romance writers being my favourite. I haven’t read any of Loretta’s books yet, but would love to start with this one. x

  12. Jackie Wisherd

    Your book sounds real interesting .I always enjoy reading stories about family relationships. I know I would enjoy this book.

  13. Casey

    I am looking forward to reading the maxwell sisters. I would love a signed copy to read! Enjoy your book tour, will check out if you are stopping by me, hopefully you are! Cheers Casey

  14. lee

    Family definitely does shape us into who we are.Looking forward to another enjoyable read – thanks 🙂

  15. Desiree Wood

    I have just finished reading The Maxwell Sisters and like all of Loretta Hill’s books I loved this one too. I even had a few tears. Can’t wait for her next book

  16. Plum Jane

    I have set myself a challenge of reading 52 books this year, I’m on book 8 as I type this. So far I’ve read lots of yours and some of Loretta’s, both of you are amazing writers and I love reading your books.

  17. Sue R

    Can’t wait to read while recuperating, knee reconstruction. Love the brooding Heath (cliffe)?
    When you read and local Aussie places are mentioned, it seems to give me an affinity with the characters.
    It will be a success I am sure.

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