Happy New Year – 2015

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Hi everyone

I can’t believe we’re already THREE days  into 2015 and I haven’t even THOUGHT about my goals for this year. Usually each year I blog about whether or not I achieved my previous years goals and what I want to achieve in the new year.

So below were my goals for 2014 and beside them my analysis:

First up: I’m aiming to complete (90k to go) THE ROAD TO HOPE by the beginning of April even though my deadline isn’t until June 1st. When I work out how many words this is per day, it isn’t actually that scary.  – I did this!! Although I did a fair bit of editing after the event for this book so still subbed on June 1st! THE ROAD TO HOPE will be released down under in March 2014. 

Second: Write a novella to follow up THE KISSING SEASON or write a novella as part of a charity anthology I’m trying to organise. – Success. I wrote THE NEXT SEASON and it was released in December last year (feels odd calling 2014 last year)!

Third: Write a sexy novella or fun project, different to my rurals. Success. I wrote TEASE ME, COWBOY for the fabulous Tule Publishing and it was so much fun!! It was released in August! 

Four: Write two more single titles or if the second is an idea I have that requires more research, write one more single title and make a dent in the second. – Half success. I only wrote one more single title but it was 150,000 words in the end so I’m not going to berate myself too much. While I wrote this it was titled THE FAMILY CURSE but I think it will be THE PATTERSON GIRLS when it releases late this year! 

Five: Read two books a week. This was my goal last week and I didn’t quite make it. Might throw more novellas into the mix next year so I have a better chance. – Fail! 🙁 For some reason I read a lot less this year than I usually do. You can always view my reading list in the notes section on my Facebook page but I’ll post all of 2014 books on this blog over the next few days! 

Six: (only vaguely writing related) Get back into exercising and eat better so I have a hope in hell of fitting into the dress I just bought for the ARRA dinner in March!! Or if that fails, at least be slim enough to wear it during RT in New Orleans in May! See picture below. HUGE fail! Although I’ve been walking my dog pretty much every day and sometimes running with her I did not get into this dress for the ARRA dinner or any other function last year! Not sure whether I should try again or just accept I bought a size too small! 

So that was me for 2014!! I hope you had a good one and I’ll be back in the next few days with my goals for 2015! Gotta think a bit about them first 🙂

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