Happy Australia Day folks and a book giveaway!

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Hi Everyone

It’s almost Australia Day down under, a day that gives us an extra long weekend and an excuse to celebrate our fabulous country. I honestly do feel blessed to live down under in a such a beautiful country with so many opportunities for its citizens. One day my kids might realise how lucky they are to live here.

This Australia day I’ll be celebrating by hanging by the pool with my family, eating my hubby’s wonderful BBQ cuisine, building bookshelves from Ikea flat packs AND most importantly reading some good Aussie fiction!

In edition to fabulous weather, beautiful beaches, great Aussie TV shows, awesome bands, food and lots lots more, we are blessed to have a whole host of talented Aussie writers in this country. Here are just SOME of the books written by Australian authors currently in my TBR pile, and there are more languishing, waiting for their turn on my e-reader.


As part of Book’d Out’s Australia Day blog hop and in celebration of our great country, I’m doing a giveaway. To go in the draw, simply comment on this blog, which of the above books you’d most like to read and why.

One lucky winner (open to international commenters as well as Australia) will win a copy of JILTED or OUTBACK DREAMS or MAN DROUGHT. Entries will be accepted until midnight January 27th Eastern Standard Aussie time and the winner announce on January 28th in the comments section of this blog and on my Facebook page.


Please not, if the winner is not from Australia the book will be JILTED (no choice available) and will not be signed by the author. 

To read the other fab blogs in the Australia Day blog post and enter some more great giveaways, click here!

85 Responses

  1. Kelly

    Ohhhh, that’s a tough one. It would have to be The Piper’s Son. I’m a huge fan of Melina Marchetta. She’s probably responsible for introducing the world to Aussie YA contemporaries.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway <3

  2. Meygan Barstow

    The house at the bottom of the hill by Jennie jones I have her first book and totally loved it and I know that I would love reading this book

  3. Christy

    Lost and Found – I saw Ms Davis on Australian Story and thought it seemed like a fascinating read.

  4. Veronica Joy

    The book on your pile I’d most like to read is Lost &Found by Brooke Davis. It’s been on my TBR pile for ages and I’ve read some amazing reviews for it

  5. Jo Sibbison

    I think I would read The House at The Bottom of The Hill, I haven’t read any Jennie Jones books yet but it sounds just like something I would Love

  6. Trisha Murrell

    the house at the bottom of the hill, l just love loose myself in the pages of a good book.

  7. Jenny wright

    Time for the beach by Australian Authors….reason, I love books and I get 3 stories in one book…bonus !!!

  8. Kim Foster

    Hi Rachael, i would love to read the 3 in 1 book please called Time for the Beach, right now im reading your last book and its ALL your fault ive done nothing for the past 2 days lol……….thank you and enjoy your Aussie Long weekend xxxx

  9. Melissa Harriss

    I would pick The House at the Bottom of the Hill, because the name appeals to me…plus I’ve heard it’s a pretty good read 😉

  10. Tien

    Happy Australia Day!

    About 2/3 of your book pile is on my to-read list too and I’m finding it really hard to pick which one I’d really like to read most.

    I’ve heard lots of good stuff about Honey Brown. I’ve been wanting to read The Piper’s Son as I’ve loved Saving Francesca and am curious as to what happens to Tom. I loved Jennie Jones’ The House on Burra Burra Lane so Bottom of the Hill appeals to. I think I’m leaning towards Runaway Lies that tiniest little bit but more because I love that cover (ha ha ha)

  11. Miriam Brownlee

    I would like to read all of these books as I have already read other books by some of these authors. It is great that Australian authors are now getting so much recognition. Have a great Australia Day!

  12. Brenda kapsley

    time for the beach getting three books three stories to read in one yes please the more to read the better

  13. Barbara Waldron

    Time for the Beach. My name is Barb, I live in Bowen, thats on the Beach and I love Books. Beautiful.

  14. Alison Swann

    I would be really happy to read The House at the Bottom of the Hill by Jennie Jones. Jennie is one author I am yet to explore, amongst the many I have followed and read. I am an avid Australian author fan. I have my favourites and two of them are sitting in your pile !! I have also read most of your books, Rachael Johns. You are a very prolific author. I would be thrilled to win a signed copy of any of your books.

  15. Wendy S

    I’d like to read the Heidke from that pile, I’ve already read a few of the others! I really enjoyed the last Heidke book I read!

  16. Melanie Graham

    Jennie Jones – House at the bottom of the hill sounds fantastic. Thankyou for the chance.

  17. Delores Bebbington

    Since I have read quite a few books in the pile I would love to read ‘Time for the Beach’ 3-in-1 Aussie best sellers. Thanks for the opportunity.

  18. venetia livens

    It started with a kiss. Doesn’t all good romances start with a kiss?

  19. Kylie Leusciatti

    Ok no judgement on how I pick books but my choice of books from above are
    Lisa heidke .. Started with a kiss
    Jennifer jones.. House at the bottom of the hill
    Shannon Curtis.. Runaway lies

    BECAUSE they have pretty covers!!!

  20. Melissa Woods

    Oh yes please. This would make my day. Just sitting back with a book, a glass of wine and the open countryside. Bliss.

  21. Vik Howe

    I am looking forward to reading the Jennie Jones book House At The Bottom Of The Hill. Love the country outback novels. Discovered Jennie Jones when looking for more books to read until all my favourites finished penning their new stories.

  22. Alison Ford

    Time for the beach, be amazing to relax on the beach and unwind reading a book. At least if I was reading this book, it would take me a couple of days to get through it.

  23. Kristel Redding

    I would love to read Nobody but him by Victoria Purman, I have heard so many fabulous things about it 🙂
    Thanks Kristel

  24. Gayle Orchison

    Runaway Lies by Shannon Curtis, would like to try an author I haven’t read yet, many thanks 🙂

  25. Inari Thiel

    I’d love to read “Through the Cracks” by Honey Brown. I heard her interviewed on ABC-RN. Thanks for this offer! 🙂

  26. Miri

    I’d like to read the house at the bottom of the hill because I’ve never read any Jennie Jones but it sounds like something I’d really enjoy. My fiancé & I are renovating an old house and he has promised to build me a floor to ceiling library so I am collecting all Austrslian rural authors to fill it up with!

  27. Michelle

    The house at the bottom of the hill, however most of these are also on my TBR pile… I need to find more hours in a day!

  28. Kaylie

    I would like to read The House at the Bottom of the Hill by Jennie Jones. The storyline looks awesome!

  29. Rochelle Sharpe

    Thornwood House is amazing, you should get to that ASAP. Out of your pile I’d most like to read The House at the bottom of the hill. I have the first book on my shelf waiting to be read, and even though I haven’t read her first book, I’m still excited for her first.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway, I’m hoping to win Man Drought 🙂

  30. Geraldine Furini

    What a brilliant idea, am loving Australian Authors. That is a hard choice but 3-in-1 would be excellent, getting to know 3 new authors 🙂

  31. Josephine-Anne Griffiths

    Definitely ‘The House At The Bottom Of The Hill’ by Jennie Jones.
    Why? Because I am crazy-mad about Rural Romance 🙂

  32. Amanda Shields

    I’d love a copy of Jilted as I only have it in e form. Ive only read The House at the Bottom of the Hill from your pile (and loved it so highly recommend it!). I’d love to read Runaway Lies as the title intrigues me.

  33. Janeen Baxter

    Have read House at the bottom of the hill as I love Jennies writing style. Have read Nobody but Him by VP but have not read the other two stories, and Hide & Seek is set in hometown state of WA – so that will get my pick.

  34. Catherine McLean

    It would be the Melina Marchetta for me. She’s been a favourite of mine ever since Looking for Alibrandi came out when I was just the same age as Josephine…

    • admin

      I loved LOOKING FOR ALIBRANDI but haven’t actually read anything else she’s written so this was why I bought THE PIPER’S SON!

  35. Kay Snowball

    I have not read any of these books at present time, though I would love to read them all eventually. They all look great to me.

  36. Jakki

    I would probably read RUNAWAY LIES because it sounds very interesting- I would love unto know what’s it about. I

  37. Sasha

    I think Jennie Jones “The House At The Bottom Of The Hill” as it reminds me of a song i love. I also feel very blessed to live in Australia. Happy Australia Day to you and your family 🙂

  38. MichelleA

    Outback Dreams: I’ve read the great reviews, wouldn’t want to be left out not having read this book, eager to read how it all panned out for Faith and Monty. Looking forward to reading your other books. Happy Australia Day.

  39. Patty Degmetich

    Very nice selection 🙂 I have just started reading The House at the Bottom of the Hill by Jennie Jones 🙂 Would love to read any of the others too 🙂 Happy Australia Day!!!

  40. Joy Isley

    I love reading books set in Australia. It is one place I would really enjoy visiting.

  41. Jess @ The Never Ending Bookshelf

    Happy Australia Day long Weekend Rachael!
    I’m not entering the comp, as I already own the books, but I just wanted to drop by and show my support for the blog hop. I’ve read a bunch of the books in your photo and loved them and have a few more lining up on my bedside table. I really want to read The Road To Ruin though as I’ve heard nothing but great things about it.

    Happy Australia Day.

  42. Tracey Martens

    Runaway Lies by Shannon Curtis. I have never read anything from this author but have heard good things about this book.

  43. Laura Boon

    I would like to read Thornwood House by Anna Romer. It’s been on my radar for a long time now. I’m fascinated by family history and the secrets generations hide from each other.

  44. Ann-Marie Day

    Lost and Found has been on my ‘need to read’ list for a while now.

    I’m in the middle of Thornwood House and the moment and loving it.

    Have a wonderful Australia Day weekend.

  45. Tanya Berglund

    Love to Read Thornwood House by Anna Romer, I can’t wait to read a few of her books. As an author, she seems to have caught my attention. Would also love to read Man Drought or Jilted, love you writing technique Rachael.

  46. Anna M

    I would have said Thornwood House but I have that sitting in my to be read pile.
    I tend to hone in on the thickest books so as i already have that one I would ahve to be greedy and say the 3 in 1 as I have not read any of them and to get 3 would be extra exciting.

  47. Colleen

    I would love to read Lost and Found. The title leaves me wondering what or who was lost. Was it found? Were they found? Just like the story of Paddington..lost and found with a happy ending. Does this book have a happy or sad ending? We are all lost from time to time and hope that we are in time found.

    • admin

      I’m not sure re happy or sad ending but I had to say how much I LOVE Paddington!! x

  48. Nicole Taylor

    Too hard to choose from them all. I love books and reading, it’s very relaxing.

  49. Stephanie

    This is too hard! I think I’d pick The Piper’s Son, but Lost & Found also sounds wonderful.

    Thanks for the great giveaway and Happy Australia Day!

  50. Shelagh Merlin

    I’d be happy with any or all of those. The House At The Bottom Of The Hill grabbed my attention because my husband snd I have nearly finished building a house at the top of a hill and Time For The Beach grabbed me because who can resist three books.

  51. Bec Brown

    Your TBR pile looks almost as big as mine 😉 would love to read Runaway Lies (I have most of the rest of your pile) – your long weekend sounds great!

  52. lee

    Have read ‘Outback Ghost’ & just finished ‘Jilted’ & absolutely loved them – cant wait to move onto the next one!

  53. Sushma

    I have read Lumatere chronicles and love it, so I’d choose the Piper’s Son.

  54. Jen

    Thornwood House – its been on my kindle since reading and loving Lyrebird Hill last year. Really looking forward to this one 🙂 Great giveaway ty

  55. Nat H

    I am going to say Lisa Heidke, I have heard so many good things about her books so I really want to see what Im missing out on.

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