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Hi everyone

Hope you’ve had a fabulous start to 2016!! Just wanted to let you know the exciting news of the new Bunyip Bay website. Only a month or so out from the release of OUTBACK SISTERS, you can head on over to Bunyip Bay and get to know the characters, not only in this book but in all the previous OUTBACK BOOKS. There’s also samplers from OUTBACK DREAMS, OUTBACK BLAZE, OUTBACK GHOST and OUTBACK SISTERS!

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BUT the really big news is the contest – you can enter to win the chance to be the hero OR heroine in my next rural romance novel! What are you waiting for? I’m so excited to see which fabulous name wins!

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  1. Margaret L Ford

    I have enjoyed reading your outback series. I could not put the books down. Well done, I can’t wait for the outback sisters to be released.

    • admin

      HI Margaret – so pleased you enjoyed the Outback series. OUTBACK SISTERS is already released in Australia and New Zealand. xx

  2. Melanie Baldan

    Hi Rachael
    Just finished reading Outback Ghost 5mins ago, loved it! Have also read Jilted & The Road to Hope. I’m a 43yr old single mother myself & even knocked back a date this evening (internet dating) to finish your novel whilst curled up in my recliner with a glass of wine. Priorities right!?

    • admin

      WOW – priorities indeed!! So glad you think it was worth it. Nothing much better than reading with a glass of wine though. Thanks for making my day! xx

  3. allison walker

    I didn’t realise these were a series and bought Outback Sisters first, oops. I’ll just have to buy the other three now to get the back stories of the other characters.

    Loved Outback Sisters, read it in one day sitting at the beach…needless to say I look like a lobster today. I was too engrossed in the book and forgot to put sunscreen on!!!

    • admin

      Hi Allison – thanks so much for your lovely message. So pleased you enjoyed SISTERS and don’t worry, it was written as a complete standalone after I wrote the other three, so I’m sure reading out of order is fine. Hope you recover from the sunburn quickly : ) x

  4. Lyn Dowling

    Well what do I do now???? I have just finished reading the Bunyip Bay books:( I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these and I can’t believe that’s it……I reckon it’s time for the Hope Junction books
    Thank you,your excellent stories had me hooked from page 1

    • admin

      Hi Lyn – So glad you enjoyed the Bunyip Bay books. And I hope you’ll love Jilted and Road to Hope as well. xx Rach!

  5. Tori Johnston

    Rachael Johns – an inspiration for any budding Author and for any woman thinking love isn’t out there for her.
    Thank you for the Bunyip Bay Series, I tell everyone I can about this series and some of your other novels I have read; Jilted was one of my favourites and my first written by yourself.
    Please don’t ever stop sharing your stories and please keep inspiring those of us who are writing our own novels, for the first time.
    Thank you Rachael Johns.

    • admin

      Hi Tori – thank you so much for your lovely message. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Bunyip Bay series. I’m writing a follow-on to TALK OF THE TOWN at the moment! xx

  6. Katrina Lockhart

    Just wondering if the Bunyip series needs to be read in order? Thanks x

    • admin

      Hi Katrina – the first three books ( Dreams, Blaze the Ghost) do have a mystery thread throughout. Starts very lightly in the first book, ramps up in the second and is solved in the third, so it’s probably preferable to read in order. Outback Sisters was a stand-alone linked book written a few years later! Happy reading! x Rach!

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