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Outback Dreams

Harlequin Australia, October 2013

Faith and Monty are both looking for love…but they’re looking in the wrong direction.

Faith Forrester is at a crossroads. Single, thirty and living on a farm in a small Western Australian town, she’s sick of being treated like a kitchen slave by her brother and father. Ten years ago, her mother died of breast cancer, and Faith has been treading water ever since. She wants to get her hands dirty on the family farm. She wants to prove to herself that she’s done something worthwhile with her life. And she wants to find a man…??

For as long as he can remember, Daniel ‘Monty’ Montgomery has been Faith’s best friend. When he was ten, his parents sold the family property and moved to Perth, and ever since, Monty’s dreamed of having his own farm. So for the last ten years, he’s been back on the land, working odd jobs and saving every dollar to put toward his dream. Now he finally has the deposit. But there’s still something missing…??

So when Faith embarks on a mission to raise money for a charity close to her heart, and Monty’s dream property comes on the market, things seem like they are falling into place for them both. Until a drunken night out ends with them sleeping together. Suddenly, the best friends are faced with a new load of challenges…

Monty and Faith are both ready to find a life partner and settle down, but have they both been looking in all the wrong places?

“Often in friends-to-lovers stories, the romantic set up all feels a bit too convenient, but Rachael expertly, and believably, describes how the relationship between her hero and heroine evolves. The result is electric – Monty and Faith’s chemistry is scaldingly hot, and the reader delights in watching their fraught relationship unfold. Rachael doesn’t make it easy for her characters, giving each of them very real impediments to their happy ending, and making Monty act in a way that is seemingly irredeemable, but such is the author’s writing prowess that the reader is delivered to a hard-won, and well-deserved, denouement. Aside from a brilliant love story, Outback Dreams has some deftly drawn supporting characters and a very strong sense of place that make this a romance not only worthy or reading, but raving about.” ~ Haylee Nash, Booktopia’s Romance Specialist

“What an enjoyable read! Just the right amount of conflict, heat and romance, played out by two great characters in Faith and Monty. I read this after a few heavier books and it turned out to be the perfect antidote for a weighed-down mind! Johns has really found her forte in romance writing; she tells a good yarn, uses humour well, and she makes her rural settings look darn inviting.” ~ Monique Mulligan from Write Note Reviews