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Hi folks

So as you may know I’m currently editing OUTBACK SISTERS – the fourth book in my Bunyip Bay trilogy! Yep, you read that right, I was only ever supposed to write three Bunyip Bay books but the response of you guys – my readers – was UNBELIEVABLE and so I decided to go back for another.

And now that I’m coming to the time when I let OUTBACK SISTERS out into the world (March 2016 to be precise), I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to miss Bunyip Bay and my cast of characters there. I’ve also had lovely messages from readers hoping for more Bunyip Bay books and I think my publishers are pretty keen too, so now I’m trying to work out how to do this.

I’m looking for characters I’ve just briefly introduced in previous books and trying to work out if I could give them a story.

So, as my faithful readers, I’m wondering what YOU’D like to see from Bunyip Bay in the future. And I know you’d all love to know what happens to the previous couples and I promise you’d keep seeing insight into their lives, BUT any new BB stories would be fresh heroes and heroines who haven’t yet had their turn in the limelight!

Any thoughts, ideas?

Love Rach! x

Outback Dreams

Outback Blaze

Outback Ghost

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  1. carolyn

    How about a young person who is Foster child on a journey to find her roots? Just a thought

  2. April Simpson

    The pub manager / owner. He’s mentioned in all 3 books I think and you’ve even shown a beautiful gentle side of him when it came to him and his dog and puppies. I always hoped he may get his own story.

    • admin

      You are absolutely right April – Liam (and his dog) definitely needs his own story. Watch this space! x

  3. Teags

    Oh how exciting loved this saga absolutely any as much as we can get 🙂
    Would love a story about Liam (the publican from outback blaze) or even Simone (also from outback blaze)
    Just thrilled can’t wait 🙂 xx

    • admin

      I think Liam is getting a few votes 🙂 Great idea!! And you’ll be pleased to know that Simone gets her story in OUTBACK SISTERS! x

  4. Venetia Livens

    How about a family member of Drew Noble comes out from the UK to escape ??? and falls for a new character of bunyip bay. This might mean a trip to the UK for inspiration! !??

  5. Trisha Murrell

    Oh I’m very excited 2 things to look forward to in March, the arrival of your new book, but I’m sorry l love your books and am excited when one comes but this time something is going to top it and that will be the birth of my grandchild but I will still be buying your book when it comes out too lol

        • admin

          I think Liam will definitely have to have his story. And you know what, I had SO much fun writing a pub setting in MAN DROUGHT so am quite happy to write another one : )x

  6. Sam

    Cookiemo and I have just had an intense discussion about this. We like:
    – Liam (because he’s such a nice, calm guy)
    – Was there a younger policeman in Outback Blaze? (We are debating whether it was the sergeant or not). Always happy to see more men in blue.

    • admin

      I think Liam is a must now but yes, there was also a younger policeman – Mike – in Outback Blaze, so he is definitely now on my radar! Watch this space! x

  7. Karlee

    I agree with Liam and Mike, also perhaps Stella’s brother. Perhaps also a side story about Faith’s father finding romance with one of the older ladies. Not sure but just a thought! I love this series!!!!!!!!!!!

    • admin

      Yes, I thought of Stella too and thanks for the idea of Faith’s father 🙂 x

  8. Rachel

    I think it would be interesting to follow up on the romance between Faith’s brother Ryan and his partner – just something different I guess.
    Love the idea of Liam, the pub owner, getting his own story.

  9. Samantha

    Is there going to be anymore on Faith and Monty? It’s my favourite part of the stories!

    • admin

      You’ll see a little more of Faith and Monty in Outback Sisters – and any other Bunyip Bay books that will follow I promise 🙂 x

  10. Lynn

    Just finished reading the Bunyip Bay “trilogy” over my Christmas New Year break… fantastic reading and can’t wait for Outback Sisters to hit the shelves soon ☺

    I feel Liam is your man to step forward next in the bay, he has piqued my curiosity after reading the books.

    Now to visit Wildwood Point ☺☺

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